Here’s a letter to send to your senator, congressman or President Obama to petition them to act to stop world war iii


Dear President Obama (Or CONGRESSMAN or SENATOR),

I am writing to express my concern over the situation with your policy viz. the Iranian nuclear program.

Last month, your secretary of state was quoted in the major news media as saying that there are no military options in the works for Iran. Several rounds of threats of deadlines have passed over the past year and no real action has been taken as a consequence except for the declaration of new deadlines and a ratcheting down of the level of sanctions proposed. You have not managed to gain support for any kind of meaningful sanctions and, at present, the only sanctions on the table are minor and of the kind that might get the support of the Russians and Chinese who refuse to back sanctions with teeth.

Iran’s president recently stated that the 9/11 attacks in the US were a fabrication. He has called for Israel to be wiped off the map and denied the Holocaust, tested missiles that can reach Europe, been found by the IAEA to be lying about his country’s nuclear program,  and continues to thumb his nose at the US in every conceivable manner including storing atomic fuel in plain sight this past month knowing full well that the US has no intention of using its military to force his hand.

Mr. President, it is no surprise that the Russians and Chinese refuse to back US sanctions against Iran that would actually hurt the Iranians. If you refuse to put the military option on the table in a meaningful way, nobody is going to take the US seriously and see you as a player worth listening to. After passing several deadlines with no follow-through of a meaningful threat, it is obvious that your demands are of no consequence to the world.

We know from history that appeasers such as Chamberlain wind up paying with compounded interest in lives and money when there remains no choice but to engage the enemy who engages America. Osama bin Laden was in President’s Clinton’s sight and could have been neutralized; Clinton hesitated to pull the trigger and we know the many terrorist attacks against US interests that occurred as a result over the next several years.

Back then, bin Laden was a two-bit terrorist most people had never heard of. Iranian President Ahmadenijad is a known quantity. He means what he says and there is no reason to doubt that he intends to go nuclear and to spread these technologies to sympathetic operatives around the world to blackmail countries throughout the Middle East and beyond to make it impossible for anyone to consider any outcomes not in tandem to Iranian interests. For example, there will never be the prospect of peace among Israel and its neighbors in the event of a nuclear Iran; they will use their proxies in Lebanon, Syria and Gaza to veto any such arrangement. Till now they have been using these proxies to ensure that there cannot be any peace. The Gulf states are scared to death of a nuclear Iran and will realize that they need to appease Iran rather than rely on the US whose reassurances will not be effective given that its threats are hollow. Simply stated, there is nothing to gain and everything to lose from a nuclear Iran.

I am writing you to Stop World War III – get serious about Iran. Make it clear that the US will not stand for a nuclear Iran and state definitively what the US is willing to do to ensure that this doesn’t happen.




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